Simon Chossier is a young French hairstylist based in Paris. 

Since childhood, Simon was surrounded by a variety of artistic, eclectic, and cosmopolitan elements. Through exposure to different music, arts, and sports, he developed his own unique and inspirational sense of culture.

Numerous trips to the four corners of the world have heightened his awareness to both natural and human beauty, pushing Simon to discover different cultures. 


From the thick, straight hair of the Yaos in the South of China to the curly, thin hair in South Africa, Simon’s travels have sharpened his sense of observation and sharing. What’s more, they made him fall in love with the purity and natural beauty of hair in the world. 

Since then, he yearned to express his artistic flair in the world of hairdressing with the deep conviction that the hair reveals all the beauty and personality of its wearer.

The diversity of the different textures, shapes, length of hair has become a source of inspiration and endless creativity. Throughout his studies, projects, and exhibitions, Simon nurtured his vocation and today it is his true passion.

Simon has never ceased to be fascinated by this environment. In each of his endeavors, he strives to put hair at the center of the subject, making it the ultimate accessory of beauty and identity of a person.

He made this unique thing more than a passion:

for Simon, hairdressing is an art, a vision, an entire moment in one single instant.